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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

Pinkiou nail stamper kit,nail stamper kit,silicone nail stamper french tip with 5pcs nail stamping plates

How to use:

1.Apply base coat and cure under nail dryer.

2.Apply gel nail polish and cure under uv nail dryer.

3.Peel off blue protect film of stamping plate,then apply gel nail polish on it.

4.Use the scraper to remove extra nail stamping gel.

5.Use the stamper to pick up the image.

6.Print the image onto your nails quickly and cure under nail dryer.

7.Apply top coat and cure under nail dryer.

Note:After you print the pattern, you need to use the nail lamp to finish the color.

Nail Art Stamper Package Contents:

– 5 Pcs Stainless Steel Stamping Plates

– 1 Purple nail stamper

– 2 White scraper / stamper plates

22 reviews for Nail Art Stamper,Pinkiou Nail Stamper Kit, Nail Stamping Plate Clear Silicone Nail Stamper French Tip Nail Stamp with Template Scraper Nail Plates,Stamper For Nails with 5PCS Stamping Plates

  1. Dianne Walton

    I used it one time and loved it. Then it stopped working. Be careful with the plates that have the stamps on them. They cut my hand. Very sharp

  2. Melissa Maas

    Well it was extremely small I would have gotten some thing bigger. I was disappointed!

  3. Natherine Tripodi

    I think its great

  4. Reid Lewis

    Need to work on learning how to do all the designs. But works great for what I need.

  5. Janese Thompson

    I can¡¯t get the designs to transfer to my nails despite looking at previous reviews and looking up tutorials. Wouldn¡¯t recommend.

  6. Cheryl Deirup

    The main thing I don’t like about this set is that they never explained how to properly clean it in the manual. I tried a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, and it worked wonders. Now I can switch colors but keep using the same design.Also, the silicon(?) Rubbery stamp things keep falling out of the case. I understand that they’re not secured on so you can switch them (and they give you an extra of each), but if it’s falling out as I’m stamping, it ruins the design. There needs to be some way to secure it so it doesn’t fall out…

  7. Raymond Myers

    Love love loveWill be buying again

  8. Raymond Myers

    Came with everything shown. Plates are deep enough to hold the paint. Book has extra pages for more plates. Had to prime stamper.

  9. Raymond Myers

    Works perfectly as intended with no issues!

  10. Raymond Myers

    I love these plates! Perfect!!

  11. Raymond Myers

    This is everything that comes in the kit. But you need a uv light to cure the polish before stamping.

  12. Diane Frank

    Works well. Took me a few tries but got it down. Don¡¯t forget to take the blue plastic off lol and cute carrying Case

  13. Diane Frank

    Works well. Took me a few tries but got it down. Don¡¯t forget to take the blue plastic off lol and cute carrying Case

  14. roberta miller

    I am by no means a professional, and I bought this set to try out stamping (along with some stamping polishes from another brand.) There is great variety on the different plates. They clean easily, just make sure to use straight acetone (ONLY ON THE PLATES, NOT ON THE STAMPER) or you will get some streakiness from the additives of other nail polish removers. I also really appreciated the quality of the case; I have even been able to add to it as I have acquired more stamping plates. I would highly recommend this to someone who is starting out stamping and wants some options.

  15. Kelly Dolan

    Excelente calidad de fabricaci¨®n y buena profundidad en el dise?o de la placa

  16. Kelly Dolan

    Excelente calidad de fabricaci¨®n y buena profundidad en el dise?o de la placa

  17. Ben Shank

    Really easy to use!

  18. Dan Zhuo

    For a beginner, it is definitely a learning curve.

  19. John Holdren

    Si excelente

  20. Broker Daniel Flores Pisani

    Every nail Tech should have one. Use it alone to create french tip designs or use it with stencil plates to create endless designs! Comes with extra toppers as well!

  21. Berenise Hernandez

    So after an hour of a mess and it not working properly I came back here to check the reviews and the negative reviews were the same thing I was experiencing so I watched the video.. TAKE OFF THE BLUE FILM.. lmao. Once I did that they worked perfectly!!!

  22. Ashley Weil

    The price, value, variety and ease with which one can stamp their nails at home is awesome. ??

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