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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Carbon steel, no rust, easy to preserve. The average arrangement of comb teeth, the natural separation of eyelashes. Spring device design, the eyelashes are pressed very firmly, to avoid eyelash curler is not easy to open and other issues. Unique design of the peach heart handle, the appearance of beautiful and lovely, with anti-skid function, easy to pinch.


Name:Peach handle eyelash curler with brush

Size:3.5cm *10.7cm

Material:Carbon steel

Package:1x eyelash curler with brush

Net Weight:28.4g

To create a natural curl effect of charming eyelashes.

20 reviews for Pinkiou Eyelash Curler With Brush Mascara Muffle False Eyelashes Accessory Best Professional Tool for Lashes Curls Without for Daily Makeup

  1. Barbara Kulseth

    You’d have to have very long lashes to use this.

  2. Ileana Penabaz

    A friend recommended this to me so I bought it without thinking twice. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed by it. It didn¡¯t curl my eyelashes up but more out. I tried using different methods but nothing made this work on my eyelashes and my natural eyelashes are very long. I have been using a Tarte eyelash curler for years and will be sticking with that one.

  3. Diana Ott

    Lashes don’t easily go into applicator and don’t help me to save time.

  4. Rahul Verma

    It¡¯s good to curly your lashes

  5. molly vallier

    I like it it curls but since my lashes are kind of short I have to do it multiple times

  6. cynthia akerman

    This product works, it’s just too big for my eyes. I do have super hooded, downward turned eyes, so it’s to no fault of the product itself. I would recommend it to other people, though!

  7. Miguel Torres

    this curled my lashes sm . i think its great

  8. Vanessa Torres

    Really good no complaints

  9. Kristen Cupan

    Has expected.

  10. Jeri Jerome

    With my eye shape usually eyelash curlers don¡¯t get the eyelashes at the end of my eye but this one does!


    This eyelash curler makes your eyes look like you are wearing false eyelashes. It is not like those cheapy ones that you have to press really hard to get them to curl. You have to be gentle when using it. It works wonderful. I love it.

  12. Bianca Soethe

    Your lashes will stay beautiful all day I promise

  13. craig peters

    I have pretty long natural lashes and I’ve gone through two different eyelash curlers that didn’t have the little separater/comb and my lashes never hold a curl even after putting on mascara but with this curler I don’t have that issue, I tried it as soon as I received it and oh my goodness did it work wonders, I didn’t even need mascara, the curl pretty much lasted all day for me, I actually didn’t read the reviews but I bought it because I had seen many tik toks with a similar product but it was a little more expensive so I thought to check Amazon for an alternative with a better price, and considering how cute it is and the variety and how well it worked for me I personally think this is a great buy for those out there with stubborn straight lashes. Hope this helps.

  14. craig peters

    It helps to separate my lashes, works great!

  15. Christine Hedrick

    It works like you think it should. Great product!!

  16. Nicole Corwin

    Works very nice, much better than the old style.

  17. Leta Lincoln

    f¨¢cil de usar, exelente.

  18. Kenneth Isenberg

    Las pesta?as quedan hermosa

  19. Gerry San Filippo

    Literally so good makes it look like a lash lift??????????????????And it¡¯s cute


    No complaints

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