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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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How To Use Pinkiou Hair Stroked Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Professional Rotary Microblading Pen 10-0127

Pinkiou Hair Stroked Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Professional Rotary Microblading Pen For Eye Art

Here is some tips about how to use it.
A. assemly
1, screw the needles to the sleeve eyebrow tattoo pen
2, adjust the needles length to make sure the needles is suitable for eyebrow tattoo
3, there is 3 gear for 3 different speed. Short press the start button to change gear for different uses.

B. how to dip ink
dip the ink with the tip of the needles and use directly.

C. How to adjust the needle length.
1,Turn sleeve to align tip of needles to the tip of the cap
2, When power is supplier to the machine, needles move back and forth in 1.7mm. Leave some space between skin surface and tip of the cap to get best result.

How to set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine to make perfect eyebrow? 10-0114(DSH-0004) 10-0081

This video show up how we set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine easily.

What You Need to Get Started:

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
Permanent Makeup Tips – These guide your needles. They’re disposable.
Permanent Makeup Needles – These are special needles that can only be used with permanent
makeup machines.
Cosmetic Machine Tubes – This is the end of the machine; it’s the portion of the machine
that the needle and tip go in and slide over. If you have a steel tube, you can reuse it
by sterilizing it before each use. That can be time-consuming, though, so many people
prefer to use disposable plastic tips. If you have a busy shop, disposable tubes are the
way to go.
Pigments – You’ll need permanent makeup pigments, or inks, in a variety of colors so you
can do eyebrow, lip liner, and other cosmetic tattoos.
Basic Pinkiou-Permanent Makeup Machine Setup Instructions

Step 1: Purchase a Pinkiou-permanent makeup tattoo machine, permanent makeup needles,
cosmetic machine tubes, and permanent makeup tips.
Step 2: Take out your machine and a single card needle,tip.
Step 3: Remove all pieces from their sterilized packaging.
Step 4: Push the needle into the slot of your cosmetic tattoo machine.
Step 5: Push the needle all the way in, until it can’t go back any further.
Step6: Place the tip onto the tube, over the needle, and you’re ready!

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