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How to use the installation epilator 08-0086

Hair removal can be a frustrating and often expensive experience. If you’re like us, you’ll have tried a bunch of different methods until you find what works best for you. Waxing started to get too expensive and we were sick of having to wait for hair to grow back, shaving was followed by stubble and an endless re-buying of blades. Finally we tried the epilator.

These handy devices come in all shapes and sizes. Some are better for your face and sensitive areas, some your legs, and some for a whole body groom. Whatever your need, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for through our epilator reviews. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we’ve made a comprehensive guide of the best epilators on the market.

Pinkiou Hair Removal Mini Wax Heater 08-0117

This Mini Wax Heater comes in a kit that includes Wax Machine 1pc, Depilation wax 1 pc, Strips 100 pc, Depilatory sticks 50 pc. This Mini Wax Heater comes in a compact and lightweight design that makes it more flexible and easier to carry. It heats automatically and provides a comfortable and calming effect on the skin.

It easily rolls the wax on your skin without the need of any specialized tools. It does not leave any waxy residues. The Mini Wax Heater is designed for both home and professional use.

Pinkiou Lady Hair Removal Rechargeable Epilator HS-3066

Pinkiou Hair removal epilators use rotating tweezers that open and close to pull out at root.Epilation is like tweezing multiple hairs out at the same time.

Epilators are mostly used by women,but even men can use epilators.While epilators are most used for hair removal on the legs,epiltors can also be used on the face,underarms,and bikini area.

Epilators can be painful initially,but much like tweezing you get used to the discomfort over time.There are 4 basic steps involved with epliation:cleaning,exfoliation,epilating,and moisturizing.


Unwanted Hair Removal–Pinkiou Mini Wax Heater help to remove

Pinkiou roll on wax heater gives you all the benefits of waxing, but with an easy to roll on applicator.
Heat up more wax and save time. No more spatulas and sticks! Waxing gives your skin that smooth and flawless feeling.

How to Use

1. Before use, make sure skin is absolutely clean.
2. Insert the wax into the wax machine
3. Plug the wax machine into the main machine, connect the main power and turn on the power
4. Heat the wax for about 20-30min, then begin to use
5. Move the products to the direction that the hair grows, and cover the area of 15-18 square centimeters, make sure suitable the temperature of wax treatment, if the wax is too hot, wait for a while then to begin the operation, or place the wax on the hair-removal paper for use
6. Use the paper band on the treatment area, use hand to press down the hair prows
7. Tear off the hair-removal paper to the reverse direction that the hair grows
8. After hair removal, use the cleanser for hair-removal to clean
9. After cleaning, use the moisture without fragrance to do massage.

Rapidly And Softly Hair Removal HS-3066

Pinkiou Rechargeable Lady Facial hair removal bikini shaver fashion modeling defeatherer Barber Electric Epilator,the perfect facial removal.
Use of This epilation, you can quickly and easily and effectively remove unwanted body hair.
Bring you unprecedented comfort painless plucking experience.
If you regularly (every 4 weeks) use of the product, your skin will be silky smooth while inhibiting hair growth by up to 50%.
Pinkiou Electric Epilator can rapidly rotating wheel grip shortest hair,and uprooted. So you can make your skin smooth for up to four weeks long, regeneration of hair becomes soft like hairs.
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