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How to Choose from Different Needles for Microblading Pen 10-0124/10-0096/10-0192/10-0187

How to choose a right needle for your microblading treatment?

How to choose a right needle for your microblading treatment?

1. The age of the skin: The older the client, the more tissue laxity, collagen and elastin loss you’ll notice.
Microneedling this aging skin provides a healthier canvas for microblading and this means your hairstrokes will stay crisp upon healing.


2. Previous procedures and corrections: You can microblade over old colors and even do corrections.You’ll want a bit bigger needle for these cases.


Soft silky needle for 3D eyebrow embroidery

3. Width of hairstroke desired
4. Pigment you are using
5. Color carrying capacity of the needle: texture and taper of needles, number of needles and curve of needles are important. More needles, more resistance and you press harder. Higher likelihood of slicing the skin.

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6. Skin Resistance: Older skin less resistant so use finer needle
7. The Procedure: Single, curved needles for brow hairstrokes.Large, multiple needles for areola,corrections and eyeshadow.
8. Practice makes perfect: You’ll develop your very own unique technique over time. Sometimes you’ll switch needles during your case. As you practice, you’ll find which needles are the easiest to control and which ones put in the most color. You must know your canvas, the skin, very well.

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microblading supplies

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microblading permanent makeup
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