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Here We Show The Effect Of The Eyebrow Microblading

Here we show the effect of the Eyebrow microblading from our customer

Wow, that looks really beautiful, Right??

Most cosmetic tattooers need an esthetician license. Eyebrows are especially true when it comes to two standard tattoo phrases: Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good. Everyone gets the tattoo they deserve. So what you need do is find a good tattooers now

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Hair Shape Microblading Pen Which Will Help You Make The Eyebrow Tattoo Easier 10-0198

The most difficult hair shape is at the very begining of the eyebrow.These hairs are around shaped and in order to mimic natural shape…we use ECCENTRIC blade handle with addition of special adjustable silicon resting pad. When fitted into this handle,blade is bended additionally making drawing casier. By twisting handle screw adjust resting point shaft lenght as needed,to increase or decrease pressure applied on skin.

Drawing curved shape hairs is very precise and even.

microblading pen

Tool facts:

-Draw perfect round shaped hair

-Make multiple passes over same hair

-Use resting point for precise positioning



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