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How to clean a airbrush SP16

I want to share with you how to properly clean your airbrush gun so it will work like new for a long time. If you want to know how to use the Pinkiou airbrush gun, click here.

Purge Your Airbrush Gun:NEVER USE HOT WATER on your airbrush gun because, there are plastic gaskets that can be warped and destroy your gun. Use warm water.
cup is where you add the airbrush color. It needs to be cleaned when you are done using it. So add some warm water to and dump it out into a trash can or a cup of water or the sink. Add a little more water and dump it out.

Drained the remaining paint inside the airbrush cup.
Put some water into the cup, Pull and release the trigger several times to force particles out
of the needle and end cap. If you water turns colors, you will need to get fresh water and
continue to rinse.
When you add fresh water to the cup. Then, put your finger over the needle cap and pull the
trigger to make the air flow backward into the gun to remove any left color. It will bubble up.
Dump the water and submerge the needle and cup into the warm water and pull the trigger.
spray onto a white napkin or white paper towel. If you don’t see any color on your napkin or
paper towel, your gun is clean.
After you clean it be sure to rinse it very well!

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