Forehead Thermometer, Infrared Digital Thermometer Suitable for Infant, Toddler and Adults

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【Non-Contact】This forehead digital thermometer can quickly measure temperature through infrared technology. Show instant readings in just 1 second. Avoid touch skin, do not need to worried about long time waiting and the baby not cooperative enough. Environmental protection pp material lets you use the product is safe and assured.

【Multiple Functions】The digital thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, infants and elders. It not only supports forehead , but is able to take room/object temperature. Two model: body mode (body temperature), Object model (water, milk, food temperature and so on).

【High accuracy】measurement deviation ± 0.1℉/℃. Fast: Measurement time <1 second. One-button measurement for easy operation. It equipped with a clear LED Digital Screen and large operating buttons.

【Two color to inform the temperature】When measure temperature over 37.3℃,Forehead temperature is 37.4℃~38.0℃(99.2°F~100.4°F), yellow backlight will be on and BIBIBIBI sounds,Forehead temperature is 38.1℃~42℃,(100.5°F~107.6°F), red backlight will be on and BIBIBIBIBIBIBIBI sounds

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Non-contact Body and Object Infrared Thermometer is specially designed to measure the body and object temperature.

Depending on various skin types and thickness, there may be temperature difference. When the indoor temperature is significantly different, the body infrared thermometer should be placed in that room for 15-20 minutes before using.

Package List:
1 x Non-contact IR Thermometer
1 x User Manual (English)

Dual mode of “Body” and “Surface”. Measurement modes selection for various needs conveniently.
Precise non-contact infrared digital thermometer, lightweight and portable for use.
2 temperature units for conversion: ℃/ ℉. Resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F, fast measuring in 1 second.
Body temperature measurement: aiming towards the forehead or behind the ear lobe with the distance about 1-2inches.
Backlight LCD display, green/ orange/ red backlight under “BODY” mode

Selection for buzzer, set alarm value (the alarm default value is 38°C/100.4°F).
Automatic data hold function and auto power off function.
Memorization of the last 32 groups of measurement data

Colors Backlight Indicator:
Green: 86-99.3℉ (32-37.4℃)
Orange: 99.5-100.2℉ (37.5-37.9℃)
Red: 100.4-109.2℉ (38-42.9℃)
Note: “Surface” Mode will always display green backlight.

Color: Purple
Material: ABS Plastic
Display Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Operating Temperature: 10-40°C / 50-104°F
Storage Temperature: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Relative Humidity: ≤85%
Body Temperature Measurement: 32.0-42.9°C / 89.6-109.3°F
Surface Temperature Measurement: 0-100°C / 32-212°F
Auto-shutdown Time: About 7s
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries(NOT Included)
Item Weight: 131g / 4.6oz
Item Size: 80 x 42 x 145mm / 3.1 x 1.7 x 5.7in
Package Size: 17 x 12


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